Friday, July 28, 2006

I want my music!

I live in Malaysia and am starting to appreciate jazz but I have a difficult time tracking down the music that I love (Currently collecting Lee Rittenour and Ramsey Lewis, among others).

It is very frustrating to find that elusive album by an artist, especially if it is not some pop-driven, mass-marketing, brain-dead piece of work. After my normal supplier closed shop four years ago, I was forced to switch to Tower Records; Now, they tell me they no longer do special order to help me get the music that I want, which means......Hello,!

I haven't switched to online music downloads because most of the music is not portable (hence, cannot download) unto my peripherals, hence my reluctance to spend money on them. Would rather just get my hands on the album.

Just wish that there was an easier way to make music more accessible to the masses. The current claims by the industry standardbearers is full of crap.

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