Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Competition is good

Coach's daughter and newcomer got into a clean & jerk competition, egged on by all the veterans.
Since the former was such a slacker and was very complacent in her progress, one improvement from the newcomer got her to take her work practice seriously.

Basically, coach has always been having a headache getting his daughter to try the lifts at higher weights, she has always been mucking around at 35-40kgs for both snatch and clean & jerk.
So yesterday, while she was just lifting 40kgs for clean & jerk, the newcomer managed to lift 35kgs on her first attempt.
Quick glance over, and somehow the green 10kgs weights were transmuted into yellow 15kgs ones, making it a total of 45kgs.
She nails her first lift, but then they started mirroring each other.
When one makes the lift, the other will also nail it.
One fails, they both fail.
Might be interesting to have a synchronized weightlifting competition for girls :P

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