Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Meme from FBB

Courtesy of FBB, I now have to answer this meme based on my meager contents of my wallet.

Prior to this, I will say that watching Oprah's self-help show on clutter and debt diet does wonders for my timeworn wallet, which is obviously nearing the end of its usability. (Previously, it was also thicker than FBB's one that you can see on his blog for reference).

Open inside and you don't see much. Good discipline!!!

The obligatory KP, and numerous editions of the drivers licenses, some of which I have taken the opportunity to "declutter".

My name cards; some contact name cards that I have yet to program into my handphone address book before organizing them, shall do so tonight; my blood card showing me to have one of the most stingiest blood types in the world.

Unlike FBB, I have Oprah to thank for decluttering my financial obligations and maximizing my returns on few items: two ATM cards (one from Singapore to park my stash, one Malaysian bank to handle most of my needs here. At the moment, I am waiting to switch to another one if it can meet my needs better); One (read that 1, ONE) credit card with a generous spending limit that rarely gets maxed out unless I travel abroad; Two membership cards for groceries and books; my Singapore EZlink card from student days, saves me a lot on my weekend trips to Singapore (why drive there when the public transport system actually works?)

Cash, this is probably almost my daily kitty fund.

Being a nice guy, I will not tag anyone with this meme.
Yeah right, ling239, helen gipson, meena (handbags, ladies), alpha, martin. You guys are tagged!!!

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fatboybakes said...

wah, one credit card only!!! kudos young man.
i need to learn from oprah....