Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Wagyu & O'toro Kaiseki

I am more or less Iketeru's mascot for busy evenings, somehow I always show up when they are at their busiest. Oh well, on with the food, this time will the a Kaiseki menu based on their Wagyu & O'toro promotion.

Starters: Wagyu Beef & Toro Sushi-Paccio
A good way to start off the evening, thinly slices toro (with spicy miso sauce) and raw wagyu rolls served with rice cubes flavoured with sesame and seaweed.

Mix and match your own sushi to your own delight.

Soup: Clear Broth with Toro & Japanese Leeks
An oily sheen covers the soup,
the taste of melted toro oil makes a coup.
Veggies, tofu and leeks,
all the flavours get a peek.
how good is this dish,
with slices of fish?

Sushi: BBQ style Wagyu Rib Eye with fresh salad served with Korean Miso sauce
I wasn't impressed by this dish, probably because it doesn't replicate the fine balance of Korean barbecue, the meat was flavoursome but overpowered by the thick salad leaves and oily garlic when wrapped into bite-size servings. Have already voiced by doubts to Chef Ricky.

Main course: Teppanyaki Grilled Tenderloin, Sirloin & Rib Eye
My favourite dish of the night.
All the meat were crusty on the outside, which red on the inside.
Served with side of veggies and 3 sauces: spicy miso, ponzu & white mustard.
I particularly like the spicy miso sauce (memories of Le Coq d'Or fondue sauce)

Bonus: Toro Taku Roll & Nigiri Sushi
Still hungry? I got this dish at no extra charges, the maki made from minced toro, takuma pickles and a dash of spicy miso sauce. Lovely.
Surprisingly, the wasabi laden sea bream sushi doesn't overpower your throat with heat, quite a gem actually.

Dessert: Black Sesame Ice Cream and Assorted Fruits
My first ice cream at Iketeru, the smoky flavour of black sesame.
Still drooling? I will be going back on Wednesday for their normal kaiseki.

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ling239 said...

a perfect combo of the sea and the land.... price ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

too rich for my otoro sashimi?..

well i would hav doubts to serve wagyu korean style in a jap restaurant..hmmmm that mix platter must b heaven..

Henry Yeo said...

first dish, both the wagyu and otoro were served raw.

My doubts were about the execution, not the concept.

Jackson said...

wow.... u n FBB blog about beef!!! the japanese food looks good!