Friday, August 01, 2008

A taste of Pacifica

Had this the very next night after the last month's Iketeru Kaiseki menu, more to launch a candid surprise on a college student returning from the US by reuniting him with a friend now working in Pacifica.
Unexpected celebrity: Sultan Of Selangor dining at the next table.
Distraction: German Rye Bread with Djion Butter
Pretty good bread, very springy and goes well with the Djion butter.

Starters: Truffled Potato Mousse & Shaved Beef Cheek
The Shaved Beef Cheek was really thin, about 1 mm and was sliced from a terrine made from tender beef cheek. Goes very well the the salad. Mixed reaction about the potato mousse, but the beef consumme, in the center was a saving grace for me.

Soup: Shellfish Chowder
Served with a piece of oily bread and a slice of mussels (this side just was a real distraction for me). The soup itself was great, with large slices of scallop, tiger prawn and other shellfish meat. Love the taste.

Main: Venison with Red Cabbage Rolls & Bean Sprouts
Definitely a great main, the venison was tender and the red cabbage rolls was sweet while the bean sprouts were perfectly crunchy.

Starters: Ricotta Dumpling & Mascarpone Ice Cream
The great thing was probably the ricotta dumpling, blended from ricotta and other ingredients and shaped into a dumpling with some shavings of truffles, very very rich. A pity that my dull tongue cannot discern the mascarpone infused vanilla ice cream, it was just vanilla to me. Must train my tastebuds more often.

Still not a gourmet. Feel free to comment


ling239 said...

prices ?

wonder wat is the mussel doing on top of the oily bread...

Henry Yeo said...

no idea, but it didn't do anything to lessen the revolting feeling on my tongue. Almost spoiled my enjoyment of the soup.

about rm500 for 2, ala carte menu.