Friday, May 30, 2008

Pool players spotted

Wu Chiang Ching, Yang Ching Shun, Ibrahim bin Amir, Li He Wen, Chang Jung Ling at the afternoon matches.
One of them at Starbucks.
Chang Jung Ling, Marlon Manolo, Ricky Yang and Ibrahim bin Amir at the 1st TV match.
Marlon Manolo at the 2nd TV table match
Chang Jung Ling (later sipping Guinness), Wu Chiang Ching, Satoshi Kawabata, Li He Wen in the last match at the TV table
Marlon Manolo and his cute daughter after Day 1 at Starbucks (31st May, 00:13)

Edited (31st May, 1:26): The jazz music in the Starbucks cafe is catching. Wonder if it is from the Jazz festival last month.

Wu Chiang Ching, Wang Tsing Shung getting lattes (31st May, 9pm-ish)
The announcer, Anthony Sunthay with a friend (make that Bob Guerrero, the pool commentator that Anthony introduce before the Grand Finals broadcast on Sunday, I never knew he was .......) on the Starbucks benches.

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nibiew said...

Just watched the repeat telecast of the finals on TV. I must say both Chang Jung Lin and the other finalist (can't remember his name now) both played rather well - it went down to the breaks.

I'll see if I can catch the Singapore leg this July!

(BTW the spellings of the Taiwanese players' names are quite confusing.. I think no one can get them right)