Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WSC and CSC epilogue

WSC 70th place (half a win up on 2005 record). 11-13, -262.
Just pissed mad that I had to play compatriot, Vannitha Balasingam in the last round. And Malaysia is confirmed losing a spot, so shared responsibilities all round. (and that includes you, Ganesh)
CSC Open: 10th place, RM500, 27.5-17.5, + 1317.
No chance to play Premier this year, so I need not take responsibility that Causeway team has been dropped (Hell, I would rather Team Malaysia play and get dropped than being merged with Singapore to form Team Causeway). Time to start boosting International Rating to make the International teams (I think the 1911 rating I got from these two tourneys is a good headstart)

Foreseeable 2010 Itinerary
April: 2010 Australia Nationals, Adelaide
June: 25th King's Cup, Bangkok
November: WPC, Toronto/Dallas/Whereever (There is always the Malaysian Open for backup)
December: Causeway Scrabble Challenge, JB

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