Friday, November 30, 2007

4th & final stop on the MIGF train

Ambience was good, lighting is ambient (hence your camera will need flash unless well seated. Apologies to all readers for my shadowy presence in the photos)

My only 1 request was for them to play some vocal-less music softly so as to not drown out the sounds of the animals and cricket songs drifting in from the forest, which sounded so much more harmonious than the music.

Bread & Breadstick with olive oil & Vinegerette and a sourish mince meat dumpling to fend off my hunger pang after I was forced to work twice as hard for my dinner: i.e. walk to and from the carpark twice looking for my wallet.

AntiPasti: A selection of Carpaccio
Palcido Chianti Docg 2005, Tuscana (red wine)

The oyster and beef were dress in the same dressing while another set of beef was covered with freshly grated parmesan. Very simple but full of flavour, no taste of rawness or deadness.

Sorbet: Sorbet of Ruccola

Like something that came out of the fridge and doesn't thaw evenly: melty on the outside, frigid on the inside, I have to say that the Hilton ones looks better.
You can an initial hit of bitterness before a mellowy sweet aftertaste lingers in your mouth, not so bad when it is liquid.

Primi:Lightly smoked Potato Dumplings with smoked Duck confit and Foie Gras Sauce
Palcido Pinot Grogio 2006, Tuscana

springy, spongy, wholesome. like some savoury tong yuan, I love this even more than ravioli or jiao zi. Golden pi is 3-5, some crust, some duck meat, Voila! I really must get this recipe from the chef!

The white wine here tasted acidic but cleans the palate of any heaviness from having one too many potato dumplings. At this point, I was feeling tipsy from the wine (is that even possible?), will probably be too red/drunk to speak to the chef at this rate.

Secondi: Wagyu Veal Shank Stew served with grilled Polenta
Window Shiraz 2005, Margaret River
Love the crunchy vegetables. Since we are dealing with the shank, don't expect any tenderness, just a good cut of meal done well (slightly tough to cut but very bitey to chew with). The stew was meaty but the polenta (the yellow well made from flour and corn) was thick and uneven, hence you can see the charcoal bits on the outside of the polenta. some part were a bit raw too.

Desserts: Assorted miniature chef dessert platter
Ruffino Serelle 2002, Tuscana
Desserts Wines: Amaretto or Sanbuca

I like the orange chocolate here slightly more than gobo. The cowmilk gelatin mellowed out the tangy raspberry sauce. Could see the 3rd one. Kaya characote just too firm not melty like the brulee from Gobo.

Thet served the Ruffino afterwards, it was okay for a dessert wine. just the right hit.

Amaretto or Sanbuca: aka sweet or strong, I went for sweet. Gah! it was syrupy and cloyly sweet. I think I just burnt a hole in my stomach and killed off numerous brain cells for having something that has the same impact as my first taste of XO when I was 15 years old.

Awaiting more feedback on my food reviews, Say it so in the comment section.

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