Monday, November 06, 2006

Bad Things comes in pairs

Never would I have expected that my family (read Dad) emergency would be coupled with my own personal emergency.

So was at home, up late at night (Okay, I lied, it was 2.30am in the morning on Saturday) tending to Dad (while watching anime, which has been hopelessly dubbed into English without any of the usual Japanese emotional dialogue; at least no more squeals).

Rubs eyes,
washes eyes,
pain in left eye,
wash eyes again,
dry out eyes and look into mirror,
Is that a gray transparent patch in the outer corner of my left eye?
What is this sticky line doing on my eyeball?
So, wake up mother.
briefed her,
attempt to remove sticky line, (she fails, I succeed)
went to nearby government hospital for free consultation (Thank God, I lived in Selayang)
(And Thank God I didn't go to Penang, where I got struck down with a viral infection earlier this year)
Waited 3 hours and 23 minutes before I see the doctor.
Eye infection, okay.
Nothing serious, good,
just contagious, even better.
Get medicine (still have to come back on Monday to pick up the eyedrop)
Go home, put in medicine.

All in the course of one morning.

PS: Thank you doctor for the MC, it was total invaluable when my boss harangued me in the afternoon. After hearing the medical diagnosis, was put on MC indefinitely for the next few days.
(Thus explains this new post because I only post from work and I just came over to try to give my boss the infection)

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